A Framework for the New Year

1. Self – regulate in moderation. Willpower is a valuable resource so it must be spent conservatively and purposefully. Do not attempt to do a lot of things that require willpower all at the same time. Set a comfortable schedule for your goals and tasks.

2. Surround yourself with positive primes and pull out dead weeds. A positive disposition requires having a sense of balance between optimism, realism and pessimism. Your immediate environment contributes a lot in influencing your outlook of the day (or your life) ahead.

3. Challenge yourself to take more risks and set life-changing goals. Easy things and tasks aren’t worthwhile goals to begin with because there’s no effort required. It is also true when they say you only regret the things you did not do, not the ones you did but failed miserably so.

4. Conserve emotional energy. Perspectives frame feelings so we must take advantage of taking time to think things over before even considering what those emotions are all about. There’s no need to rush; even in cases of emergency, presence of mind will save you, not your panic attack.

5. Create meaningful relationships. They don’t have to be new ones. Nurture what you have right now. Connectedness is what makes us human, so we might as well put in more effort to make sure they’re worthwhile.

6. Develop an attitude of gratitude. Acknowledge the positive things that happen in your life. Take pride and celebrate the small accomplishments you have done. Better if you can pay things forward and do something positive for another person.

7. Move forward. We often complain that we seem to be stuck or that we are just going in circles. What we fail to realize is that we always have options and alternatives. The challenge is in deciding we can take a different route or turn a new page.


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