In the spirit of fairness I often play by the rules. In fact, I have set quite a number of rules for myself to help me in dealing with circumstances and situations that may affect my personal goals and significant relationships. It has helped me for quite a long while, but I have also learned along the way that rules can be restricting. It can impede growth and opportunities could be missed if one becomes rigidly uncompromising about it.

I thought that perhaps one of the reasons why rules are important for me is because I am uncomfortable with failures. Mistakes are easy to admit, but failure isn’t. This is why it is easier to not give anything a try at all, to evade the risk of failure. But what if you succeed? How will you know the outcome if you don’t give it a try? And what is so terrible about failure? Failures don’t kill people.

As existentialists have pointed out, we only have one life to live. It is therefore important to recognize that if a chance is presented to us, we should take time to contemplateĀ if it is worth the risk to let it go untouched and forever wonder what would have happened if we did. Regardless of whether we live by rules or just winging it out, chances rarely come twice. And with this awareness, I suppose, we should pause for a while to carefully consider what both our heart and mind are saying.


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