Time Space Warp

I rarely get excited about tomorrow. I used to make big plans, dream big and anticipate the future. But as I grew older I realized that sometimes things don’t go as you pictured them out to be. At first, you get disappointed. But as frustrations pile up over the years, you learn to be more flexible.  You adapt to unexpected changes, you learn to compromise and give way to what the current circumstance requires, in the hopes that you will at least learn something as takeaway from the experience.

Perhaps this is why I am a dweller of the past. Yesterday is such a comforting assurance that things are over and done with. It is something you no longer have control of, but promises to be useful in dealing with today and even tomorrow. Nostalgia and reminiscence are a delight in the senses; a quiet form of happiness and contentment, brought about by pleasant memories. As for the not-so-wonderful ones, a calming reassurance that even the bad things don’t last.

Yet what is most important is today. It is the only time we are allowed to be fully alive in the moment. However, we are sometimes crippled by guilt over the past, or scared about the uncertainties of the future, that we rarely get to live in the present. Not every opportunity should be grabbed upon when it presents itself, but we shouldn’t also be too fearful of the unknown that we pass on every chance we get. Today requires a balance of prudence to make a choice and courage to act and face the consequences of that choice. That is why life is never easy, but we must live it the best way we can.


One thought on “Time Space Warp

  1. Sue says:

    I lost the chance to grow old at some moment. Because of absence of courage to face up everlasting. However, now I feel much better now with knowing who I am.

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