My Six Word Stories

  • What’s it like to feel nothing?
  • A smile. A kiss. Sparks fly.
  • Phone ring. Engagement ring. Wedding ring.
  • It was always the wrong time.
  • We were something. Now it’s nothing.
  • You: “Hey!” Me:”Who are you?”
  • Life: Wake up. Daydream. Sleep. Dream.
  • Come back! Come back to me.
  • “Are you sure about this?” Absofuckinlutley.
  • Maybe it was you all along.
  • “Goodbye,” he said. “Alright,” I lied.
  • Fondness for each other. Friends forever.
  • My heart thinks you’re the one.
  • Whoops! I really thought you knew.
  • I’m sorry. You almost had me.
  • I’ll wait. You’ll go. It ends.
  • Trusted you. You proved me wrong.
  • You like me. I love him.
  • Strange how it always comes around.
  • I’m over you. So don’t bother.
  • Like gravity I was pulled towards you.
  • Curiosity. Attraction. Admiration. Affection. Acceptance. Love.
  • I blinked. And you were gone.
  • I didn’t think about you today.
  • Sometimes you get what you want.

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