Retracing You

Let me go back —

to the time when I first met you;

not so young, not too naive;

but beguilingly charmed by the possibility

that one and one will not be two.

I will go back to that month and day,

like gravity pulling me into

the memory of a me and you.

Where once there was a sliver of a chance

that we will have the next dance.

And of course all the places

and most of the empty spaces

that once belonged to you shall have to be visited too!

So they will no longer have to be

associated to the recollection reminiscent of you nor me.

I shall go back to that familiar route that has led me to where I am now —

armed with an optimism

that I shall be done by tomorrow.

So that finally I can move towards

the path I was bound to take before there was you.


One thought on “Retracing You

  1. Sue says:

    Skeptical cuteness so as not to keep in a way. Likewise, scattered rainbow drops, one of those beauty, isn’t it? However, it makes sense and pretty sure a safety. That is ok, finally.

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