Smoke and Mirrors

As the year comes to a close, I have realized that life is a series of awesomeness and disasters that peak sporadically. But these things are more of the outliers than typical. What happens for the most part, are what seemingly looks mundane and ordinary little things that we often forget about. Looking back though, it is these little things that actually steer us into the direction we are headed to now. Although the spectacular sometimes jolts us to make pivotal turns, what keeps us going are the trivialities of the average days in our lives.

Even without paying much attention, I can see that I have drifted quite far from where I had been a couple of months back. Back when I thought that what was best was to stay put and not move an inch — much like that song by The Script. Those mundane and boring days have steered me off the path I thought I wanted.

So here I stand now and I don’t think I will want to look back. Poof!


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