With the briefest touch a spark was ignited

that I never really noticed until

you breathed air

enough to fan it into an ember

like a soft glow of a coal. And for a while

I delighted in the warmth I felt

when you were around; and in the times you weren’t

I made do with keeping the flame alive

just by thinking about you and

letting you know how much I do.

But like all beginnings, you decided to end things.

Without a word, with just a sigh —

the spark was gone. And after all these years,

all I can see is the beauty of what could have been

had there been a you and me.



Do not look for me in places you think you’ll find me.

I was never fit to be placed into a boxed stereotype.

Do not look for me in people you think remind you of me.

Your perception of who I was might not be accurate, exactly.

Do not look for me as if I left you.

As if you did not leave me.

Over thinking overthinking

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately

(well, I do it all the time anyways)

and it has dawned upon me that

everything we had was illusory —

like a chimaera, dazzling with implausible fantasy.

And a wake up call from our reverie,

has jolted us back to face a sad reality —

that I feel with my head and you think with your heart,

and in so doing, we must forever be apart.


I have known the feeling of not wanting anything that much.

..where everything seems good for the taking.

Nothing spectacular stood out. Every available option seemed okay.

So when forced to make a choice, I did so halfheartedly;

..and I did doubt my pick. I still ponder on missed opportunities.

I still battle with the dreaded “what ifs”.

It took me decades to learn from it.

That decisions should not be made haphazardly —

…that too many options make choosing more difficult;

…that just because it appears convenient, or comfortable,

or easy, or accessible, we should take it;

…that there is freedom in letting go;

…that regrets are difficult to live with.

It might take a while and a lot of patience

but I believe there is something that we truly want

that we may sometimes deny ourselves

or downplay for whatever reasons;

but we must be able to figure that out

and not be content with something that’s good enough.

We all deserve to discover what’s meant for us.

It isn’t always a battle between the heart and the mind;

if we pay close attention to what they are saying.

Shooting Star

It was something pretty.

The kind that happens

unexpectedly which

makes you happy and giddy

all at the same time.

And although it was brief,

it was worth the while.

But at the same time,

I wish it could have lasted longer..

or it could have blossomed into

something more beautiful.

All things come to an end.

I know.

It’s just a little sad

it was gone even before

it started.

And I wish.


Layer by layer

It came crashing upon me

I must surrender.


You sit quietly

In the corner of my mind

Forget me never.


Little by little

The vision becomes clearer

I must remember.


If I knew then what I know now

Would it have made a difference?

Sometimes the answers are too obvious that it almost seems unreal.

It has always been hard to take the simple things as they are.

Often, we like the complicated, the unattainable, the far-fetched.

Never realizing that by fixing our eyes to the future,

We lose the opportunity to cherish the now.